Boss Ass Babe Women of Color

Welcome Rosies! In honor of Black History Month, Betty and Vivienne talk about 4 Bad Ass Babe Women of Color, that you may have never heard of. From a MD sister of a Motown Legend, to presidential plagiarism, to bricks of equality, to the best slap of the 80's, these Historical Hotties have had a hand in shaping the world in ways still felt today. Also, Viv gets to drink all the Truly she wants and Betty finds the best GIF of all time.

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Researched and Produced by Vivenne Vega & Betty LeRoux

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*Release date 2/19/2019

*Editor's note, this episode had to be cut down extremely due to allotted monthly upload. Betty and Vivienne had such a great time talking about these women we went on for OVER TWO HOURS. Keep an eye out for the extended version to be released at a later date.

Elizabeth Holycross